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Kispray Sachets


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The best household product we stock

Use as a fabric softener for your clothes to smell like Bali or dilute Into a spray bottle and can be used on fabrics to freshen up or use whilst ironing to make your clothes smell amazing. Spray your towels in the bathroom inbetween washes and before taking down off the line leaving them smelling amazing when you go to use. Spray your couches, cushions, throws, curtains, bedding, shoes, car mats and anything fabric. Or you can use as a room or toilet spray as it contains an antiseptic. Spray your bed after making and when you go to hop in smells amazing!

For a longer lasting smell, soak your clothes overnight or you can add a dash to your floor cleaning water

Also can use for eliminating pet smells including their bedding 

Can dilute with water (approx 250ml) or use straight if you like a strong fragrance scent in as a fabric softener

 Box comes with 4 x sachets inside

Only Gold has 6 sachets inside 

Note: Use at own risk. We advise a sample test first is reccomended before using 

Not to be consumed